Northern Arizona

Wupatki Native American Indian Ruins

Wupatki Native American Indian Ruins are worth the drive from Flagstaff to see. The Hopi buildings and surrounding community are well preserved.  

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Archaeologists believe the Wupatki Pueblo was home to more than 2,000 people during the 1100’s. It was a large farming community surrounded by small dwellings. Wupatki became a National Monument back in the 1920’s.

How to Get to Wupatki

Wupatki Ruins are just outside of Flagstaff. The drive is around 2.5 hours. From Phoenix drive north on Interstate 17 to Flagstaff. Take exit 201 toward US-89 N/Page. Follow 89 to Loop Road. Turn right and follow to Wupatki National Monument.

This park requires an entrance fee or an America the Beautiful Pass. Parking is paved lot. The trail to the overlook is paved, otherwise the majority are crushed granite or dirt trails.

Visit Wupatki National Monument

There are four trails at Wupatki.

  • Wupatki Pueblo Trail
  • Citadel and Nalakihu Trail
  • Wukoki Pueblo Trail
  • Lomaki & Box Canyon Pueblo Trail

Due to it’s size, Wupatki is believed to be an important part of Hopi history. It was most likely a gathering place for many smaller communities.

wupatki native american indian ruins

Wupatki Overlook

At Wupatki you can see the ruins from the overlook and follow the path around the main buildings, ceremonial community room, ballpark and the blowhole. Parts of the building and the ball court have been reconstructed to preserve and reinforce the structure.

wupatki arizona indian ruins

This is a great place to see a piece of Arizona history because you are able to walk right next to the structures and get a good idea of how life must have been years ago.

wupatki  Flagstaff native american indian ruins

Air Conditioning Without Electricity

Check out the blowhole by the ball park while you are here. It is a blast of cold air.

If you walk down towards the ball court there is a blowhole to the right. We thought this was very cool, the air coming out of the ground is like standing in front of an air conditioner. It is caused by a crevice in the earth’s crust.

Sunset Crater

If you are visiting this area you should also check out Sunset Crater. Your fee covers admittance to Sunset Crater, which is about 18 miles away.