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Where to Find Cool Sedona Shops You’ll Want to Visit

Headed to Sedona, Arizona? If so there is a good chance you’ll want to check out some of the cute boutiques, art galleries and crystal shops while you’re there.

Sedona has some fun and interesting shops for every level of spender.

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Sedona Arizona Shops

There are three main Sedona shopping areas:

  1. Oak Creek Village or South of the “Y” intersection (walkable)
  2. Uptown or east of the “Y” intersection (walkable)
  3. West of the “Y” intersection

First time Sedona visitor? Find out the lay of the land and essential things you need to know about visiting Sedona, Arizona.

Oak Creek & Sedona Shopping

South of the “Y” intersection is the first area you’ll see if you drove north on Interstate 17 and took the exit for Sedona. It includes the Village of Oak Creek and the Tlaquepaque Shopping Center.

Shops in Oak Creek Village

You’ll find all kinds of fun places to shop as you drive north on 179A. From Oak Creek Marketplace to the eclectic Son Silver West Galleries there are lots of interesting places to shop on this route.

oak creek sedona shopping

Tlaquepaque Shopping Village

Tlaquepaque (sounds like tuh-laa-kay-paa-kee) is a walkable shopping area and is just south of the “Y” intersection. There is a large parking area for shoppers. Once you park your vehicle you can walk to dozens of shops and restaurants in this area.

This shopping village has shops on both sides of the road, which can cause quite a traffic jam sometimes. To help alleviate congestion a pedestrian pathway is in the works. The pathway should be complete by the end of 2024.

My favorite part of this shopping village is the atmosphere. I love the cobblestone roads and water fountains.

Sedona shopping center

The Hart General Store

We can’t have a post about shopping in Sedona without mentioning the historic Hart General Store. In 1926 the Hart General Store was the place to shop in Sedona for all your essential items.

Today this historical building is home to a lovely gift shop, Mi Amore’. It was known as the Hummingbird House up until late 2022. If you’re looking for a special gift this little shop has everything from French soaps to one of a kind home and garden decor.

Directions: Take 179 A north and turn left on Ranger Road just before the “Y” intersection

Address: 100 Brewer Road.

Hart House, Sedona shopping
The Hart House

Uptown Sedona Shopping

Uptown is the east of the “Y” intersection. It is the main street in Sedona. Shops in this area cater to tourists. Once you find a parking spot this area is also very walkable.

Parking on the main street is limited, however there are several free parking lots north of this area. If you drive to the end of the main street and didn’t find parking you’ll be able to easily turn back around at the roundabout.

uptown sedona shopping

The most congested shopping area is in uptown.  Here you will find boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants, jeep tours and carriage rides. The area has some cool art sculptures all with a beautiful red rock backdrop.

Uptown Sedona also has art galleries and shops that sell items made by local artists. In 2020 the city installed the pretty median fencing. Now less people can dart in front of you when you’re driving.

West Sedona Shops

Just west of the “Y” intersection is not as touristy as the other two shopping areas. On this end you’ll find stores the locals frequent more often such as grocery stores, pharmacies, a movie theater, gas stations, and restaurants.

This side of town has some great crystal and local art shops.

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