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Arizona Native American Ruins Montezuma Castle

Do you enjoy history or archaeology? If so, Montezuma Castle is a great spot to visit. This national monument is a must see attraction in Arizona. It is one of our top ten Arizona Native American Ruins.

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Early discoverers believed that Aztecs built this castle for Montezuma. However, it was later learned he was never this far north. In reality, this structure is the most visibly well preserved Sinagua complex in Arizona. Sinagua is Spanish for “without water.” Wide paths make this native american ruin an easy sight to see for just about everyone.

montezuma castle arizona

Castle “A”

Next to Montezuma Castle is what archaeologists called Castle “A.” This castle was not as well preserved, due to a fire.  However at it’s peak, this cliff dwelling was much larger than Montezuma Castle.

It had over 45 rooms and 100 Sinagua farmers called this place home. There is also an interactive recording as to what the inside of the castle would have looked like that is interesting.

It truly is a beautiful area, you can imagine the native people farming, hunting and caring for their families nearly 600 years ago.

Location: Camp Verde (between Phoenix and Sedona)
Directions:From Phoenix: Follow I-17 to exit 289.  Drive east (through two traffic circles) for approximately 1/2 mile to the blinking red light. Turn left on Montezuma Castle Road. Right after the gas station

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