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Eerie Hoodoos in a Wonderland of Rocks

Who knew that hoodoos were in Arizona? You can see these fascinating rock formations in a few places throughout the world.

In the U.S. they are most famously photographed in Utah. However, we don’t even have to leave the state to see these eerie formations. These fairy chimneys can be seen at Chiricahua National Monument. The hoodoos here are rhyolite and gray in color.

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We just so happened to visit these fascinating hoodoo rock formations on a foggy day, which made the hike even more eerie and magical.

Just under two hours from Tucson, Arizona Chiricahua National Park is a remote, but stunning spot to explore. The visit is a “Wonderland of Rocks.” In the fog it is almost surreal.

Chiricahua National Monument

A Foggy Hike at Chiricahua National Monument

Fill up your tank before you make the drive to Chiricahua National Monument. The drive through the park  is 8 miles long with several areas to stop off and take photos or hike.

The elevation within the park changes about 2,000 feet. It is much cooler at the end of the drive than it is at the entrance.

Arizona Hoodoos

The 8-mile drive takes you to Massai Point. On a clear day this overlook has a great view of Rhyolite Canyon. There are several hiking trails to explore at this stop. Within the park  there are more than a dozen miles of hiking trails. Two popular short trails include Echo Canyon Trail and Big Balanced Rock Trail.

Bonita Canyon Campground, is the only campground in the park.

arizona hoodoos

The rocks at Chiricahua National Park resemble spires and are quite stunning to see. The weekend we visited it was cloudy.  At first, I was a little disappointed there was so much fog.

However, hiking on an overcast day has its benefits in Arizona and watching the fog move through the tips of the rocks was almost mystical.

Chiricahua National Monument hoodoos in Arizona

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  • Tombstone (65 miles)
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Hiking by Arizona's Hoodoos