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How to Find Remote Belize Waterfalls

If you want to see the tallest waterfall in Central America (it’s in Belize) you will need an adventurous spirit and a high clearance vehicle.

Just getting to the waterfalls in Belize is an adventure. We rented a high clearance vehicle and set on our way to find two remote Belize waterfalls.

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Our road trip started in San Ignacio to see both Thousand Foot Falls and Big Rock Falls. Big Rock Falls is about 20 miles from San Ignacio, however, the drive will take about an hour.

Belize Waterfalls – Big Rock Falls

Part of the adventure of seeing Big Rock Falls is getting there. We drove through several small Mayan villages. The San Antonio Village is one of the largest villages in the Toledo District of Belize.

We took a bumpy road from Western Highway along the Mecal River to San Antonio. From the village, Big Rock Falls is about 8 miles. However , the drive can take about 20 minutes.

San Antonio Village Belize

The signs are not very large on the main road. The entrance to Big Rock Falls is soon after the road that leads to Gaia Lodge. Once you pass the Gaia Lodge be on the lookout for signs for Big Rock Falls.

Big Rock waterfall sign belize

Yay! You are almost there. When you reach the parking area, there is a short, but steep hike down to the falls.

hike to waterfall belize

After the bumpy drive and hike you are rewarded with 150 foot waterfall. The pools of water are great for swimming.

Exploring Belize – Thousand Foot Falls

Thousand Foot Falls is the tallest waterfall in Central America and quite the adventure to reach. We took a road trip from  our home base in San Ignacio, Belize.

On the way you will pass through the Mayan village of San Antonio and soon after will reach Mai Gate a forestry entry gate. You will pay a small fee and leave your name and the number in your party.

Thousand Foot Falls is less than 30 miles from San Ignacio, but it takes about an hour and a half to reach the overlook. Saying the roads are bumpy is an understatement. You will need 4-wheel drive to see Thousand Foot Falls.  The last five miles of your adventure will be on a red dirt road. If heavy rains flooded this road  would be impassable.

After traveling on this bumpy road you will come to a clearing and be greeted by the caretaker. When we arrived at the Thousand Falls Overlook, the caretaker told us he had not seen any visitors for thirty days. He was very friendly and talkative. I cannot imagine living in such a remote area, but it is beautiful.

thousand foot falls overlook belize

Thousand Foot Falls Overlook

Our first and only bug bites in Belize happened at this overlook.  Hard to believe, but  even after hiking through caves and the jungle in Guatemala we did not have any bites. At Thousand Foot Falls we were bit by little black flies.

I did not even notice it until I saw blood spots all over my legs.  They itched something horrible. I wore bug spray, but apparently it was not effective. Please wear bug spray or maybe where a jacket and long pants. My bug spray didn’t seem to work, but if they have something specific for a botlas fly it may help.

You will have to walk down some steep stone stairs to reach the overlook, but the views are incredible.

tallest waterfall in central america

Thousand Foot Falls, also known as the Hidden Valley Waterfall,  is a 1,000 foot waterfall in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. It is the largest waterfall in Central America. The site is a National Monument, so there is a small entrance fee to view the falls.

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